My name is Wil Meijer-Kal (1959)

Mother of three and grandmother of 4 beautiful grandchildren

I have a great interest in pregnancy, childbirth, family dynamics after childbirth and I can help out when things don't go as planned during these phases in once life.

Why does a gym teacher decide to start a study in Classical Homeopathy in Amersfoort in 1991? Three little children to attend to, a job in school and at that time working two evenings per week with pregnant women? The reason for this lifechanging decision was that I saw what Classical Homeopathy can do for people. First my own children, then myself and later on I recommended classical homeopathy to especially the pregnant women I was working with at that time.

I decided to become a homeopath myself. Classical Homeopathy can help people with a wide variety of health issues. There is no focus on just that headache, or just the eczema. We want to get to know the whole person.

And last but not least: in april 2015 I became a certified doula, a pregnancy- and birthcoach. So for me the circle has closed: from the pre-and postnatale courses I gave for nine years when I myself was a young mother, now I am priviliged to stand by this group again with even more knowledge about pregnancy, birth and life in general. As from september 2015 I'm connected to the Doulacourse in Utrecht as a teacher and coach during internship of the students.

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