During the proces of giving birth there will be some turmoil.

To deal with the contractions, the waves in your body it is important that you understand what is happening on a fysical level.

The more you can picture the proces, the more you can give in to the proces.

The proces of opening your body, inviting the waves to come and deal with them the best you can.

Understanding that it is not only you that has to work hard during the hours of labour, your baby too is working with you to make the best of it.

Reading about this proces and about the essential hormones (oxytocine, endorfine, adrenaline) that do their work during labour, can help a lot. Not only for you as a woman it is important reading material, also your partner can have great benefit reading one of the books presented here.

Birth TENS

As a doula I see women who benefit of the use of a TENS® (transcutane electrical nerve stimulation).

Need more information? Watch the video.


Good News!

Being a client of Will Take Care you can use a Birth TENS.
You only pay for the pads that you use during labour.
This will be € 25,- ( pads  incl. deliverycosts)